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NASA image of Kiribati

On the way home from work today I was listening to Morning Edition on NPR when a story came on about the island nation of Kiribati.  Kiribati is a nation consisting of a string of islands in the Pacific Ocean that, due to climate change, is sinking and may be rendered uninhabitable within the next century.  This particular story focused on 20-year-old Tiibea Baure who is taking part in a program that seeks to relocate citizens of Kiribati.  Baure is now living in Australia where she studies nursing.  She wants to do well and get a job so she can bring her parents over to Australia with her.  The problem with that, though, is that her parents don’t want to leave because they don’t believe climate change is real.  This particular quote from Tiibea’s mother caught my attention:

“I don’t believe, because it’s something beyond me. It’s something beyond my knowledge, and it’s beyond my capacity to understand it. We just believe that God will look after us, and he will do his own way to save us.”

This reminded me, a bit, of an old story I once heard from comedian Jerry Crowder about a man who’s house is being encroached upon by flood waters.  The man is sitting on the porch with the water up to his feet when a boat pulls up offering to save him.  The man simply responds, “Go on ahead.  God’s gonna take care of me.”  Later on when the water is up to the man’s knees the boat comes back.  Again the man responds, “Don’t worry, God’s gonna take care of me.”  Finally, when the water is covering the house and the man is perched on his chimney a helicopter comes and a rescue worker throws down a rope saying, “Sir, grab a hold of the rope.  This is your last chance.”  Once more the man responds, “Go on, God’s gonna take care of me.”  Well, the man drowned and when he got to Heaven he told God, “I’m disappointed in you.  You said you were going to take care of me.”  God then looks at the man and says, “Ya dummy.  I sent you two boats and a helicopter.”

In a way I envy faith like that.  Especially since my own can seem so weak and doubtful at times.  At the same time, though, I wonder if such sentiments of faith can cross over from hope into foolishness.  To be sure, I believe that God takes care of us and that worrying is an utterly pointless and counter productive endeavor.  At the same time, though, I believe that God wants us to be pragmatic.  We are children of God but that doesn’t mean that he’s going to do everything for us.  Much of the time we have to simply dig in and solve our own (and each other’s) problems.  Typically what God does is provide us with the means–a boat, a helicopter, or even a scholarship program.  Most of all, though, He provides us with each other and that is how it should be.

We created our own messes of men so the least that should be expected of us is that we help each other work our way out of them.  God will always be with us and will even help us out in seen and unseen ways but through it all we’re going to have to keep working if we want to see a better world.

Of course we could all just sit around until we get to Heaven but that sounds kind of boring to me.


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Have you ever been asked an unexpected question?  Tonight at work two of my coworkers asked me, straight forward, “are you a virgin?”  After confirming that I was they said that they suspected that was the case because I always seemed happy and someone who’s had sex and doesn’t get it anymore doesn’t act like that (never heard that reasoning before).  Just one of those unexpected work time conversations.

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Forever and ever Etc…

Apparently I have a better part time job that I thought.  Until now I was under the impression that I would only get to work two or three nights a week but when I glanced over at the schedule tonight at work I saw that I was scheduled nearly every night.  I could really use the money so thank God for that.

In other news, Sallie Mae loan services in officially on my naughty list.  I called up their customer service line yesterday to try and figure out why I was getting late payment notices on my student loans when I was under the impression that I had had them differed (you know, due to me having no work or money).  After sifting through automated menus for about 10 minutes and then waiting on hold for a few more minutes I finally was able to talk to an actual human being–who promptly transferred me to another human being.  After confirming that I actually was who I claimed to be for the third time this phone call I finally learned that I would need to pay $50 to delay my payments for three months.  In other words, I have to pay because I can’t afford to pay.  Sallie Mae, I bite my thumb at you.

Other than that, things have been going fine.

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I’ve never been comfortable in nursing homes.  Same goes with hospitals to an extent.  I guess I have just never been able to be comfortable around sickness.  There is nothing logical about it, just kind of a gut reaction.  I shook some of that when I worked as an intern under a hospital Chaplin in college but not completely.

Why, then, did I apply for a nurse’s aid job at a nursing home and at a hospital?  I suppose mostly because I still really need a job but also because I know in my head that that uneasiness is unfounded and does nothing but prevent me from doing good.  As much as I just want to find any full time job for the time being I would also like for what I do to be something helpful to others.  My mother has worked in nursing for years and currently works as a hospice nurse.  I can’t even begin to imagine myself doing such work and I think it’s a great thing she does.  Do I have that kind of strength?

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Call Me Al

I found a job, well a part time job at least.  I’ll be working back in the kitchen at Breadeaux Pizza in Perry.  I’m still going to keep looking for some more work to go on top of that but I am thankful to have that.

In other news, there has been something I have been reluctant to mention on here because it is so uncertain.  I have taken a step towards living my dreams and chasing after a calling.  A couple weeks ago I submitted an application to work as an English language teacher through the Lutheran church.  It is something I have been longing to do and even felt called to do for quite some time and I figured if I don’t do this while I am still young I likely never will.

It will be quite a while before I find out what will become of that application but I can’t help but get my hopes up alittle (I actually bought that book you see there).  Be praying for me.

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