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You know, I was really planning on doing another recommended films post this week but, as is my want, I let it slide onto the back burner.  Don’t let me forget to do that this week.

On a similar unprepared note, I also neglected to pick out a song of the week before now so, in desperation, I started browsing my recommended page on youtube when this popped up.  Two things about it caught my eye.  First, it happened to be the same guy who did a video @evanjstark sent me earlier this week.  Second, it featured another youtuber I follow who goes by Strawberry17.  So I clicked and it turned out to be pretty good.  I always have to admire these youtube musicians who pull off some pretty cool stuff without the big budgets of major label musicians.


Jimmy Wong – From On High

And for an added bit of fun, here is the same guy doing the Super Mario Bros. theme A Capella.


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