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Sorry there wasn’t a song of the week last Sunday.  It completely slipped my mind.  It very nearly slipped my mind this week but not quite.

Lately Japan has been on my mind quite a bit since the huge disaster that struck there this week.  It is a tragic situation that landed heavily on my heart even though I have very little direct connection to it.

In light of what is going on there now I wanted to dedicate this week’s song to everyone over there and feature a hopeful song from one of my favorite Japanese bands.  It’s a band I’ve featured here before but that’s alright.

Sambomaster – Utagoe Yoo Kore


If you’d like to donate to the Red Cross’s Japan relief fund you can go to this link.

Also, Crunchyroll.com (a site that streams Asian TV shows) is offering to match any donations made up to $5,000.  You can visit this link for that.


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I’ve said it many times now but I really am going to get back to regular article posts (at least one is in the works now) but until then here is some more great music to end/start off your week with.

This week I wanted to bring you a band that I first discovered from a song during the credits of a random film.  I tracked down what the song was, looked up some of their other songs and became an instant fan.  Since then Sambomaster has become one of those bands that is perfect for relaxing and an instant mood boost.


Sambomaster – Kimi ni Kirei no Kizuite Okure

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