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Forever and ever Etc…

Apparently I have a better part time job that I thought.  Until now I was under the impression that I would only get to work two or three nights a week but when I glanced over at the schedule tonight at work I saw that I was scheduled nearly every night.  I could really use the money so thank God for that.

In other news, Sallie Mae loan services in officially on my naughty list.  I called up their customer service line yesterday to try and figure out why I was getting late payment notices on my student loans when I was under the impression that I had had them differed (you know, due to me having no work or money).  After sifting through automated menus for about 10 minutes and then waiting on hold for a few more minutes I finally was able to talk to an actual human being–who promptly transferred me to another human being.  After confirming that I actually was who I claimed to be for the third time this phone call I finally learned that I would need to pay $50 to delay my payments for three months.  In other words, I have to pay because I can’t afford to pay.  Sallie Mae, I bite my thumb at you.

Other than that, things have been going fine.


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Call Me Al

I found a job, well a part time job at least.  I’ll be working back in the kitchen at Breadeaux Pizza in Perry.  I’m still going to keep looking for some more work to go on top of that but I am thankful to have that.

In other news, there has been something I have been reluctant to mention on here because it is so uncertain.  I have taken a step towards living my dreams and chasing after a calling.  A couple weeks ago I submitted an application to work as an English language teacher through the Lutheran church.  It is something I have been longing to do and even felt called to do for quite some time and I figured if I don’t do this while I am still young I likely never will.

It will be quite a while before I find out what will become of that application but I can’t help but get my hopes up alittle (I actually bought that book you see there).  Be praying for me.

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